My 5 Favourite Recipes from 2022

I’ve been looking back at all the amazing food ideas that came to life for me in 2022! Here’s my top 5 list of new recipes from this year. Let me know what yours were!

A new year means new inspiration, let’s go get it for 2023!


1. Smash Burger

Smash Burgers are an absolute burger-game changer that is quite literally smashed on a very hot griddle and quickly seared to a stunning crisp. And then go to town on your favourite sauces. Get some crisp lettuce leaves up in there, tomato slice, onions, cheese, the list goes on and on.

It’s perfectly juicy, full of unbelievable flavour, and gets a BIG 10/10 from I’d never go back to those fat tasteless supermarket burgers ever again.

I bought a cast iron griddle just for this recipe!


I experimented with many Asian inspired dished this year, this by far was my favourite.

I made this one SO MANY TIMES to share with friends (and… myself) and I have never had so many people text me with raving reviews.

3. Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Korean BBQ Sandwich

Another burger I hear you ask!
This is not just any burger, this is a crispt fried, juicy chicken thogh in a sweet tangy BBQ sauce that will blow your mind. You need to try this.

4. Steak and Ale(Stout) Pie

Pie and mash

The ultimate in a meal that warms your soul,deep filled with melt in the mouth beef and toasted mushrooms, this pie is the stuff of dreams.
My easy super smooth and creamy Mashed Potato recipe also makes this a meal to remember.


2022 was definitely the year my eyes were opened to Tacos!
I tried so many combinations, and have plenty more to try but these Birria Tacos we’re something else – BIG WINNER!

And thats it! My favourite 5 recipes from last year.

Already super excited to see what 2023 brings me.