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(Better Than) NANDO’S RICE

This recipe for Nando’s style spicy rice. Tasty, mildy spicy rice which you can cook at home! The famous restaurant’s popular side dish is made using fluffy rice, turmeric and cumin. This rice has onions, peppers and peas in it…

Crispy Garlic Potatoes

Garlic and Potato, a match made in heaven.This simple recipe is an amazing side dish, and will compliment anything it goes with!Tasty crispy exterior, with fluffy potato inside, you’ll love this recipe! Add Parmesan if you wanted to really enhance…

Patatas Bravas [Spicy Potoatoes]

Patatas Bravas

This version uses New Potatoes instead of potato chunks, I leave the skin on for extra flavour and crispiniess. This side dish goes with absolutely anything, aswell as being a great stand alone snack!