2022! How’d that happen?

Happy belated new year to you all!

The back end of 2021 was an odd one for me, with COVID amongst some real life stresses, I was very glad to see the back of it, and welcomed 2022 with open arms. And all of a sudden it’s February already, what happened to January?

My love for food and cooking hasn’t deterred, if anything its helped me through a difficult period, but I haven’t documented or created content around it as I’d of liked to of done, so this blog, Instagram and youtube stuffs came to a standstill sadly.

BUT, fear not, it made me realise how much I actually love creating content, talking about recipe’s, thinking of new ideas and soaking up new knowledge!

I plan to really push into 2022 with a new fire in my belly to create consistent content, make new friends within the little foodie communities am part of and embrace food in a way I haven’t before. The dream would be to make doing all this part of my working life, but alas at this stage tis only a dream…

As any of you who follow along, you will have seen already a couple of new videos on the channel, I’ve been posted as regular as possible to Insta, and also decided to make a couple of Tik Tok videos, as they’re a lot easier and less time consuming, plus it’s where all the cool kids hang out apparently!

I’m really hoping to post more updates like this to document my journey too.

So until next time, stay safe, and get sharing your plates, I look forward to seeing them and chatting to you soon. Until then if you haven’t already join the facebook group, sub on the channel, and follow on Insta , Twitter and Tik Tok it really would help me out.

Thanks folks