Exciting News!

This week I’m able to talk about something thats been in the pipeline for a few weeks, I’m on the RADIO!!!!


Hi everyone!

Am super excited to announce I’ve been asked to host a fortnightly slot on the afternoon show hosted by Rod Maxwell over on “ALTY RADIO”.

It’s such an honour to be asked by Rod, and I hope people get something from my ideas and recipe’s.

If your not aware of Alty Radio please check it out, its a great station for the local area, and even if your not from the area, its a great listen. Find it here https://www.radioalty.co.uk/

So what do i have planned? Well am hoping to share a wide variety of recipe’s for people to enjoy and try out,and the hope is that people try some new thing sand maybe these recipe’s could open people up to trying new things in the kitchen.

Going forward I’d love to have some guest recipe’s featured from listeners or local restaurant chef’s. Anything that bring people together talking about food is a bonus. Am also hoping to expand in the future and possibly record some restaurant and take away interviews and reviews. Am open to anything really. Who knows what this will reveal to me, but am excited to find out, and super thankful to Rod for inviting me.

I’ll announce the first date on here as soon as it’s finalised!
So get over to the station and give us and the other shows a listen.