About Me

Hi, I’m Steve!

A Dad of 3, from Manchester in the U.K. An avid home cook, who has had a passion for cooking for as long as I can remember.

Growing up in a house from an Irish background, the kitchen was always alive. Either quick weekday dinner of meat and two veg, or the amazing Sunday roasts mum used to make the while family, I can still smell those roast dinners cooking, and is probably a big reason its very rare in my house not to have a roast dinner on a Sunday.

During the first lockdown here in the U.K. I was obviously like most, spending more time at home with not much to do, we couldnt eat out, go on holiday, nothing….

So I found myself in the kitchen more than usual, and began trying different dishes, different techniques etc. and loving every second of it. This is when I decided I wanted to make cooking a much bigger part of my life, and possibly a means of income.

So “I CAN U CAN COOK” was born. I know many people in a similar position to myself, busy work-life, busy family life, and sometimes thinking a take away or a ready meal is the best we can expect on most evenings for a family meal. I’ve never been so wrong, there are many meals you can make from scratch that take no longer than half an hour, all with fresh ingredients, and you know exactly what your putting in your body as you made it yourself.

My Mission

I suppose my “mission” is to show as many people as possible that anyone, and I mean anyone can create a plate of food that not only wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant, but is wholesome and healthy too, no additives or e numbers.

I’ll have a variation of recipe’s, from beginner to skilled, healthy to fake away’s, as well as ways to feed the family on a budget, or impress guests at a dinner party.

My Vision

The “vision” or “aim”, would be to somehow work out how I could make a living from a kitchen, what that exactly means yet, I don’t know. I suppose what am trying to say is I’m still finding my feet, and seeing which part of this journey excite’s me the most.

I’d love the video’s on YouTube to take off and do well, there are many Food Tuber’s out there though so I’d have to get a real stroke of luck I think to compete.

A book, or ebook one day could be more feasible, am learning as much as I can about how to put a book together, and learning about food photography. All of which , again am finding really enjoyable.

Or maybe I’ll be cooking for the Queen one day, who know’s!